Babyshambles - 12/12/09

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Pete Doherty: "Is anyone here local?"
Me: "...uh, yeah?"
PD: "Know where I can get any rocks?"
Me: "...have you tried HomeBase??" 

true story.  Later, Pete and his 'boys' would reduce an IKEA table I'd built only months previously to matchsticks:


White Lies - 4/12/2009

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These guys had an 8 x 16 parcan wall.  This vexed me slightly as it was basically what I wanted for my band's world tour (currently scheduled for May 2020...).  They didn't seem to utilize it to the full extent that I want to, though - I envisage a setup so dense that you could program shapes, letters etc onto it, rather than just 'Welcome Wagon' chases... still, it looked cool...

The business end could have done with some sort of tomato sauce and meatballs - I think there was a family of hedgehogs in it at one point during the afternoon...


Why set up a speaker stand when two flimsy load straps will suffice?  This is one of the more humorously flagrant breaches of standard H&S practice I've ever seen.  When questioned, the noise boys (hum scum...) responsible retorted '...well we did it in Norwich.....'.

"Take it down or we're not opening the doors. Thankyouuuuuuu."