The Temper Trap

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Love this band.  Good instrumentation/mix of sounds.  Great support from Sarah Blasko. 

Nice to see a good ol' fashioned analogue FoH:

complete with the classic Drawmer gates/comps:

I'm a digital recording advocate but there's something about those SSL style coloured knobs that just makes me want to own a massive analogue desk... maybe one day??!

The view from guitar world.


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The band so cool they went for all caps AND l e t t e r   s p a c e s played in our place last night.  Had a bit of a walk around just before doors and surveyed the stage for cool warez:

Monitor World

IEM World

Freshly laundered mics

MIDI/Playback (?) world...

Support bands have the dopest rugs.

I'm a fan of this guitar/amp/light up sign... Even the green lead is alluring...

For a guy who only seems to use one FX pedal, the guitarist has an impressive WWF figurine collection.

Dimmer City

I, too, would play a Rick or Gretsch before a Gibson....if I had the dollar...


Oh yeah, and the show looked like this:

Never really got into Editors past hearing the odd tune on the radio.  Saw them support R.E.M. in Manc a few years back, and they were good.  Last night's show shows they've matured into a more electronic sounding monster, featuring keyboards, samplers, electronic drums and backing tracks.  I liked it!  They certainly have the skills to create an atmosphere, even if the lead singer does sound a BIT like a biology lecturer... I was also going to show the guitarist the 'time' control on his delay pedal - there's a whole world outside the 'slapback' region!!  But seriously, they make a great sound and I may have to think about getting hold of a few of their records.

The highlight of the day for me was when they decided to fly the smallest stack I've ever seen flown:

I count 6 x boxes per side.  Roffle.  Well they paid for a rigger; may as well use him.....

Pit Life.

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Rise To Remain 'rock' the crowd.

Trivia:  Rise To Remain lead singer's Dad is Bruce Dickinson, lead singer and all-around legend of Iron Maiden fame, and was standing right behind me as I snapped this pic....perks!!


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The best thing about playing host to metal rockers 'Trivium' was getting to hear the live encore version of this song:

Altogether now - "BOAT!! RUDDER!! STRANGE MOUNTAIN!!!!"

Magic Trolley Ride

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Sometimes during the course of my work day, I get to play with new toys:

This is one of those days when I'm really grateful that I get to wear blue jeans to work and mess about...

Going Global

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It's not all rock & roll in our venue (more's the pity, sometimes...).

'Go Global', a week of events for International Students, culminates in a day-long event called 'Global Village', showcasing the cream of the international crop.  Most of the 'performances' however look something like this:

......or this....

It's a good show, all in all, but there's far too much faffing backstage from societies that don't have a clue what's going on, and the air is usually thick with more than just anticipation - any comments that the event should be renamed 'Go BObal' are purely coincidental....

Valve Soundsystem

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Purportedly the world's loudest PA, the Valve Sound System visited us a few weeks ago.  It was certainly powerful.  They'd obviously put a lot of work into reproducing deep lush bass frequencies (just look at the ratio of bottoms to mids to tops.....), and at 96kW it's not your average Dave's Mobile Disco:

4Music did a short documentary on the system:

Junglist Massif.

The Maccabees

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No, not some sort of weird collaboration between Paul McCartney and indie rockers The Bees, although that would be cool.....

Quite a good show.  Although not enjoyed quite as much as their smaller show towards the end of last year. They're undeniably a good band, some might even say great. I remember them being first on the bill at an NME Tour show only a couple of years ago, so it's good to see years of hard graft finally starting to pay off for them.  

And now they have brassmonkeys:

The Drums

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Good.  But I don't think they have a bass player....?!!

The Blackout

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The Blackout are from Merthyr Tydfil.

Pretty awful music, but a pretty impressive visual spectacle.  There's a whole lot of mic swinging going down.