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The band so cool they went for all caps AND l e t t e r   s p a c e s played in our place last night.  Had a bit of a walk around just before doors and surveyed the stage for cool warez:

Monitor World

IEM World

Freshly laundered mics

MIDI/Playback (?) world...

Support bands have the dopest rugs.

I'm a fan of this guitar/amp/light up sign... Even the green lead is alluring...

For a guy who only seems to use one FX pedal, the guitarist has an impressive WWF figurine collection.

Dimmer City

I, too, would play a Rick or Gretsch before a Gibson....if I had the dollar...


Oh yeah, and the show looked like this:

Never really got into Editors past hearing the odd tune on the radio.  Saw them support R.E.M. in Manc a few years back, and they were good.  Last night's show shows they've matured into a more electronic sounding monster, featuring keyboards, samplers, electronic drums and backing tracks.  I liked it!  They certainly have the skills to create an atmosphere, even if the lead singer does sound a BIT like a biology lecturer... I was also going to show the guitarist the 'time' control on his delay pedal - there's a whole world outside the 'slapback' region!!  But seriously, they make a great sound and I may have to think about getting hold of a few of their records.

The highlight of the day for me was when they decided to fly the smallest stack I've ever seen flown:

I count 6 x boxes per side.  Roffle.  Well they paid for a rigger; may as well use him.....


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